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Milk which is slightly turned or changed may be sweetened and rendered fit for use again by stirring in a little baking soda.More Tips

Detailed, Step by Step Instructions and Explanations. Fully Illustrated. Both US and Metric Measurements. Nutrition Facts. Preparation Time. Cooking Time. Waiting Time. All Recipes Tried and True. Get Your Fill of the Platinum Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipes Collection.

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Peanut Butter Muffins

Bran Muffins

Coconut-Molasses Muffins

Barley Nut Muffins


Fall Breakfast Muffins

Savory Wild Rice Dinner Muffins

Oat Flour Muffins

Sesame Treats

Carrot Bran Brownies

Peanut Butter Cookies

Creamy Cocoa Squares

Sesame Tahini Oat Cookies

Garbanzo Oat Flake Cookies

Carob-Orange Cookies

Millet Molasses Cookies


Sesame Seed Cookies

Carob Drop Brownies

Surprise Breakfast Puffers

Bulghur Wheat "Sausage" Patties

Sour Cream Apple Pancakes

Garlic and Cheese Grits

Swiss Style Oats

Crunchy Waffle

Upside-Down Orange Biscuits

Oven Baked Toast

Strawberry Shake

Savory Breakfast Bran Muffins

Mushroom Brunch Rice

Wheat Free Shortbread

Goodness Cake

Apple Cinnamon Pudding

Quick Baked or Fried Pies (Turnovers)

Carob Cinnamon Cake

Pineapple Cake

Basic Cream Pie

Fruit Cobbler

Lower Fat Cheesecake

Blue Corn Sopapillas

Apple Muffins

Multi Blend Soft Cookies

Aunt Hilda's Health Muffins

Multi Blend Fruit Cobbler

Bethel Bread

Quick 'N' Simple Souffle

Prophet's Porridge, Quick Cooking

Quick Hummus


Garbanzo-Oat Waffles

Oat Flake Garbanzo Cookies

Yogurt Muffins

Apple Muffins

Oriental Garbanzo Soup

Garbanzo Potato Pancakes

Bulgur Patties

Garbanzo Oat Patties

Lentil Loaf

Garbanzo Spaghetti Sauce

7 Grain Corn Muffins

7 Grain Vegetable and Brown Rice Loaf

7 Grain Oatmeal Cake

7 Grain - Rice and Vegetable Salad

Crunchy 7 Grain - Sesame Bars

New Easy 7 Grain Bread

7 Grain Vegetable Soup

Quinoa Leek Casserole

Quinoa Tabooli

Shortbread with Amaranth

Quinoa Summer Salad

Peanut Butter Amaranth Logs

Squash Amaranth Patties

Anasazi-Tofu Enchiladas

Anasazi Bean Spread

Italian Bean and Pasta Salad

Barley-Amaranth Waffles

Toasted Amaranth Rolls

Amaranth Baking Powder Bread

Creamy Golden Protein Cereal

Sesame-Amaranth Cake

Papaya Cookies

Golden Amaranth Short Cake

Amaranth Rye Sticks

Amaranth Crepes in Lemon Sauce

Blue Cornbread

Berry Breakfast Cake

Blue Buck Cakes

Purple Pudding

Blue Cabbage Rolls

Blue Corn Sopaipillas

Spicy Brown Bread

Casserole De Santa Fe

Grape Muffins

Basic Oat Bran Muffins

Cranberry-Oat Muffins

Oat Bran Pie Crust

Creamy Carob Squares

Almond-Peach Crumble

Banana-Oat Bread

Strawberry Short Cake

Whole Grain Batter Bread

Cranberry Bread

Blue Corn Blueberry Muffins

Confetti Rice

Colorful Whole Grain Salad

Jim's Granola

Fruity Cake

Skillet Corn Bread Stuffing

Holiday Dinner Rolls

Gingerbread People Cookies

Cracker Jacks

Pumpkin Muffins

Broccoli and Bits-O-Barley Bake

Bits-O-Barley Polenta

Bit-O-Barley Stuffing

Bits-O-Barley Cranberry Dessert

Barley/Corn Bread

Sunny Apricot Marbles

Mexican Beans and Barley

Baked Barley and Bean Casserole

Date Rice Pudding

Nori Rice Balls

Vegetable and Herb Curry

Rice-Vegetable Oriental Salad

Green Bean Casserole

Pizza Rice

Spanish Squash Casserole

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Lentils and Spanish Rice Enchiladas

Spanish Pan Souffle

Vegetable and Herb Quiche

Vegetable and Herb Rice Oriental Soup

Wild Stir Fry Vegetables

Wild Rice Bean Salad

Sweet Pinto Pie

Cajun Red Beans and Rice

Savory Bean Soup

Three Bean Salad

Bean Muffins

Smooth and Tasty Kidney Bean Dip

Lentil-Nut Loaf

Taco Bean Salad

Magnificent Minestrone

Tamale Pie

Mushroom Sauce

Baked 7 Beans & Barley

Italian Casserole

Cool Salad

Bean Pate

Sensational Buckwheat-Wheat Bake

Black Bean Lasagna

Soybean-Lentil-Rice Loaf

Brown Rice Salad

Grain Burgers

Stir Fry Lentils and Beans

Meatless Shepherds Pie

Pressure Cooked Seitan

Vegan London Broil

Italian Pistachio Pilaf

Seitan and Onions

Mushroom Miso Cornucopia

B-B-Q Seitan

Irish Seitan Stew

Almond Rice Muffins

Rice Batter Bread I

Rice Batter Bread II

Sesame-Rice Cookies

Rice/Corn Patties

Vegetable-Sesame Pie

Wheat Free Pie Crust

Toasted Garbanzo Patties

Potato Rice Pancakes

Millet Bread

Gluten-Free Orange Muffins or Quick Bread

Gluten Free Pancakes

Almond Cookies

Mexican Cheese Bread

Fat-Free, Gluten Free Enchilada Sauce

Quick Spanish Style Dressing

Potato Garbanzo Gnocchis

Applesauce Breakfast Cake

Wheat Free Italian Cream Cake

Garbanzo Dip (No Tahini)

Simple One-Loaf Barley Bread

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