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Baeckeofe - Alsace

1 Servings
1 lb lamb's shoulder,deboned and
1 lb beef for stew
1 lb pork,deboned and cubed
1 lg onion
3 to 4 leeks
1 thyme,bay leaves, salt &
-pepper (t,o taste)
2 cl garlic,minced (or more)
2 c dry white wine (preferably
-from als,ace)
3 lb potatoes
1 flour & water

THE NIGHT BEFORE: Marinade the meats with the diced onion and the leeks, sliced and in rings. Add the spices and the garlic. Then add the white wine and keep in refrigerator over night (be sure to seal it tightly, or your refrigerator will smell like spices in the morning).
THE NEXT DAY: Remove the meat, draining it, but keeping the juices. Grease the roasting dish and cover the bottom with half of the potatoes, peeled and sliced. Place the marinated meat on top of the potatoes, along with the onions and leeks. Salt and pepper lightly (I have found that after baking, there isn't much flavor of salt or pepper, so don't be afraid to add more, especially pepper). Place the rest of the potatoes (also peeled and sliced) on top of meat, covering thoroughly. Pour the marinade over the whole thing, and add water, enough to reach the top layer of potatoes.
Mix together some flour and water, in order to get a rather soft and sticky dough. Place the lid on the dish and seal it with this dough. Be sure to press the dough firmly, to be sure it is sealed and not just resting on top of the lid.
Bake in a 275-300 degree oven for 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Serve right from the dish, hot.

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