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Cashew Extract for type 2 Diabetes
School of Montreal scientists suggest us 1 great way cashew extract may treat type 2 diabetes. New information published for the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research suggests cashew seed extract may play an important role in preventing and treating diabetic issues. Read More

Five Tasty Thanksgiving Treats
The nearer Thanksgiving draws, the more we seem to find ourselves instinctively pulled towards the kitchen to create comforting and scrumptious food. For some of us, this means pulling out a dusty old book full of perfected family recipes. For others, this means Googling “easy Thanksgiving recipes.” To save you the trouble, we’ve got five great recipes here that are a scrumptious way to satisfy your craving for holiday comfort food.Read More

Organizing Your Recipes
While many of us enjoy cooking, it isn’t always easy to keep track of our impressive recipe collections. In order to make your recipes easier to find (and not to mention giving your patience a break!), we’re going to talk about a few ways you can get your recipes organized.Read More

Entertain Your Child with Easy and Nutritious Snacks!
Have your children lost interest in their usual snacks? Kids become bored quite easily—especially when it comes to food. You don’t have to be a master chef or a child food specialist to create a healthy snack that will grab your child’s attention (and approval!) during snack time. Take a look at the following treat ideas that won’t hold you up in the kitchen for hours:Read More

Scrumptious Diabetic Friendly Recipes
Keeping your health or a family members’ health in mind when cooking can sometimes leave you challenged in the kitchen. You shouldn’t feel as though you have to suffer through bland meals just to remain in good health, because you don’t! –At least not with the recipes found in this article. You can still prepare meals and desserts that are kicking with flavor yet tolerant to the needs of a diabetic. Read on for a few great diabetic meal ideas.Read More

Busy Lifestyle? Try These Easy Salad Recipes!
You may feel that that there just isn’t enough spare time to cook three full meals each day. Don’t worry—many people all over the world can sympathize with you! If you have about half an hour free on the weekend, you can easily make a number of cold dishes that you can store in the fridge to use as a meal or to munch on throughout the weekdays. Below we have a few recipes for cold pastas and salads that will send your taste buds into a frenzy without a great deal of time spent on preparation.Read More

Five Traditional International Recipes
Do you find that you prepare a lot of the same dishes every week? Maybe you wish you could try something a little different, but nothing too crazy that will make your family blanch. Preparing international cuisine is a great way to experience the traditions of other cultures, and it also keeps your food schedule from becoming too dull! Take a look at the following recipes from nations all over the world.Read More

Cooking Help For The Single Guy
Sometimes you can spend all day cooking a meal that would be the envy of any great chef just to have it ruined by something as small as the gravy being too thin or the soup too salty. There are tricks around the most common of kitchen gaffs that might help you salvage your meal and your pride.Read More

Cooking Tips for the Single Guy: Spaghetti
Single men are not always known for their cooking prowess. There comes a time when a single man has to entertain a lady, and maybe the fare offered at the local oriental place will not quite impress her the way he hopes. Here are a couple of meals he can easily make to help “cheat” his way through a dinner.Read More

Crockpots And The Single Guy
Single guys aren’t known for their cooking wares and this is a well-earned distinction. After all, the single male in today’s world is too busy to cook a home-cooked meal. When given a choice between slaving in a kitchen for an hour or making level 80 while we wait on a pizza to show up—where’s the phone? Crock pots are a single guy’s best friend and he doesn’t even realize it. Crock pot cooking takes very little attention and most recipes consist of throwing the ingredients in and letting the pot do the rest. Here are a couple of “manly” favorites:Read More

Fun with Salad Dressings
We all buy salad dressings and with the exception of ranch dressing, most sit in our refrigerator until we move or they get up and walk out on their own. The salad dressing market is being dominated by the ranch dressing cartels. But you can single-handedly save the industry by implementing these simple—and sometimes unique—suggestions. Read More

Stress and Your Diet
Today’s lifestyle is full of stress. Competitive work stress, family and home stress, and even stress from leisure activities such as softball leagues, can add up to make life unhealthy for the most health-minded of us all. There are some foods that will help take some of the stress off your body so that your mind can do its thing.Read More

Simple and Scrumptious Bread Recipes
Homemade bread is one of the most delicious and comforting foods around. Walking into a kitchen teeming with the yeasty smell of warm bread is like receiving a warm hug from a dear friend; unless, of course, your oven is billowing black smoke and smells of charred food. It’s true that some types of bread do require a certain culinary finesse, however we’ve got a few recipes here that are virtually fool-proof—meaning even the most culinary-challenged can pull them off!Read More

Easy Twenty-Minute Meals
With many families operating around a schedule, and not to mention a budget, it can often be difficult to arrange mealtimes. Because of such, more families are adopting the “fend for yourself” conduct for meals, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve got a few simple recipes here that are quick to make and don’t require a lot of ingredients—which means they’re also fairly cheap!Read More

Eat Well with an Ulcer
Peptic ulcers are often a side effect of having too much stress, smoking, excessive alcohol usage, and even bacteria. Whatever might be the cause—stomach ulcers affect nearly 10% of the population in America. The perception is that bland foods are part of the treatment is not entirely true. Here are a few flavorful recipes that you might enjoy. Read More

The Real Food Safety Rules
We are rapidly approaching the major “cooking holidays” of the year. We all want our family and dinner guests to have a pleasant dining experience. We spend days planning that special meal and hours preparing it so nothing goes off without a hitch, but did we do it safely? You might have pulled off the best beef wellingtons ever – you boss’ favorite—but if you poisoned everyone in the room, you can kiss that promotion good bye. So let’s look at some basic tips for keeping your food safe and you employed.Read More

Have Fun Cooking With the Kids
Probably one of the best and most memorable bonding experiences you can share with your children is preparing a meal or a snack with them. Letting your children help in preparing meals and snacks builds coordination, helps improve math skills, and establishes life skills. Besides that, it’s also fun and a nice break from video games and cartoons. Below are some no bake and “low” bake recipes for snacks and meals you and your children will enjoy making—and hopefully, eating together.Read More

Budget Meals for the Family
The worldwide economical decline has left many families feeling a pinch in their wallet. If yours is the same, you may even find that procuring three meals a day can be a burden. Meals can be scraped together with just about anything you have lying around the house—and that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice flavor! We have a few recipe ideas that you can use for those times when you’re finding it difficult to get by; and most of the necessary items are already available in your kitchen (or are very fairly cheap to purchase). Read More

Dieting Myths: Fact vs. Fiction
Do you find that no matter what fad diet you try, you still can’t manage to lose those stubborn pounds? You’re not the only one! Cabbage soup, apple cider vinegar, and grapefruit diets probably grace your list of “Diets That Didn’t Work,” but do you know WHY they didn’t work? We’re going to talk about a few diet myths and why they usually don’t cause permanent weight loss, as well as facts about weight loss and how you can achieve positive results through a healthy weight loss program.Read More

Spice Up Your Cooking
Does your cooking seem a little on the bland side? Many of us have a least one spice rack from last Christmas, but how often do you really use it? Creating a well-seasoned dish does take a bit of practice, but you have to be willing to work on the basis of trial and error. Read on for a few tips that you can use when venturing into the world of herbs and spices.Read More

A Different Drink for Every Day of the Week
Everyone has a favorite drink—one they consume at least once every day. Whether your particular “poison” is black coffee or sweet iced tea, you might be getting a little worn out with the repetition of your daily drink. To help out, we’ve devised a “Drink for Every Day” schedule, which advises a different drink for every day of the week. (We’re not including alcohol or “fru-fru” drinks—this is strictly a list of typical “every day” drinks.) Mixing things up a bit with a different drink every day could help bring you out of a monotonous slump and rejuvenate your spirit.Read More

Southern “Down Home” Desserts
Whether on the plantation or in the trailer park, southern desserts are rich with tradition, taking the best of available fruits and even vegetables from many different sources. Banana Pudding No one is quite sure about who made the first banana pudding, but it’s a sure thing as to who’s eating most of it, so we’ll claim it down south--ya’ll. Read More

Foods that Encourage Weight Loss
Are you tired of fad diets and exhausting yourself with exercise? It can often seem like no matter how little we eat, we just can’t seem to lose as much weight as we want. The key to losing weight isn’t by eating a little and exercising a lot. Yes, exercise is important, but you can’t starve yourself and expect your body to cope with the energy that exercising demands. That’s why we’ve put together this article about foods that are good for weight loss.Read More

Homemade Fast Food Favorites
As tasty as fast food is, it simply isn’t economical to dine out as often as we would like, particularly if you have a large family. So if dining in is to be your fate, why not make the best of it and enjoy a nice home-cooked spin on your favorite f