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Milky Bath Salts

This recipe is different because it combines the beneficial aspects of a milk bath with that of the minerals you can get from using bath salts.

You will need:
4 1/2 cups sea salt
3 cups Epsom salts
3 cups powdered milk
10 drops vanilla
5 drops strawberry
3 drops sweet orange
2 drops rose
(i.e. 9 tablespoons of scent)

To Create these lovely bath salts simply put it all together and shake in a large container.If your jars are not big enough to accommodate such a large recipe than I suggest mixing salts and milk in one bowl, combining the oils in another and then stirring the two together with a metal spoon.These will need to sit about 30 minutes
before being placed in jars to let the scent absorb properly.
I like to jar these in simple square bottles with a little raffia around the neck fastening the ingredients and name tag.
I do not suggest coloring these salts, they look nice as is.