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Sinus Headache Bath Salts

2-3 cups epsom salts (or salts of your choice)
1/3 cup peppermint
1/3 cup spearmint

40 drops peppermint eo
20 drops eucalyptus eo
I ground the mints in my mortar and pestle, then sifted them through a mesh
kitchen strainer, and added them to the salts. Actually, I didn’t really measure the amount, it was just a good handful of each. This seems to work pretty well for my DH, and if you still need to clear out your sinuses, get a half cup of pepper/spearmint, put it in a bowl, and toss in a cup or so hot water. Let it sit covered for a bit and then carefully start breathing the steam. (I found out how potent this was when I was making peppermint ’tea’ for a m&p!!
Use about 1/4 - 1/3 cup of this mixture per bath. My DH and I went through the ’batch’ within 2 weeks, but someone suggested to mix the salts and dried
herbs beforehand, and when the need for the bath arises, to add the eo’s then to guarantee potency. A decent amount would probably be 4 drops peppermint, 2 drops eucalyptus per bath. Some people may be more sensitive to the peppermint, so be sure they don’t have an adverse reaction before using these salts.

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