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Yogurt/Buttermilk/Betonite Clay Face/Body Mask

1 tsp *hot* Water
1/2 tsp Dead Sea Salts, dissolved in the hot water.
2 tsp Buttermilk
2 Tbls Plain Yogurt
5 drops Chamomile EO
15 drops Lavender EO
3 drops Tea Tree EO

2 slightly heaped Tbls of Betonite Clay (Powdered, bought at health food store)
Mixed these up and went to take a nice soaking steamy shower. Put on face, arms, torso, and legs. Was tingly, cooling, and felt kinda nice. Let sit for 15.. 20ish minutes, then rinsed off. It left a slight oily residue on my skin, which I can only assume was the buttermilk since the yogurt I used was supposedly non-fat. Iíve never had the oil residue left from my usual face mask recipe. Finished shower. Skin still felt tingly for a few hours afterwards, but it was a nice sort of tingle.
I have somewhat sensitive skin, but not terribly.
So far, no pimples or red spots have appeared from this little

experiment, and itís 2 days later. I think it was a success. Anyone who wants, feel free to use. I include yogurt and buttermilk because theyíre two natural sources of alpha hydroxy acids. If anyone recalls the stories of southern women using buttermilk to keep their skin soft and pale. Well Iím trying it for nixing freckles. Weíll see. Store bought AHA lotions have worked so far, but they tend to be a little harsh.

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