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"Smelly Jelly" Air Fresheners

1/4 to 1/2 cup AGROSOKE polymer crystals (sold at Walmart, Loweís, Home Depot, etc...)
Clean water (distilled, bottled or from a water filter)
Food coloring
HIGH QUALITY fragrance oil (thatís the key)
Jelly jars and ring tops (Mason makes nice quilted-looking ones in 3
sizes - perfect)
Pretty lace fabric OR very loose-weave fabric cut into squares (4" x 4" or a little larger)

Get a large bowl or pot and put the 1/4 to 1/2 cup of crystals in it. Fill it up 3/4 full with hot water and a few drops of food coloring. Remember - these crystals expand a few hundred times their original size, so pick a bowl large enough! Stir the colored mixture to saturate all the crystals. Wait. Every 10 minutes or so give the crystals a stir. After about 30 minutes all the water should be gone and the crystals should be gel-like. I f not, wait some more. It will absorb all the colored water.
Next, you can add the fragrance oil to the whole bowl of gel OR you can split it up into separate bowls and scent them separately. You only need a few tablespoons of scent. After you add the fragrance oil, stir well. I make it rather strong so it never runs out of scent.
Line up the jelly jars, fabric squares and jar top rings. Add the jelly to the jars almost to the top. Place a fabric square over the top. Screw the jar top ring on to secure the fabric in place. Then pour a tablespoon of water through the fabric top. Do not let the water come out the top. Fill almost to the top only.
Lastly, tie a ribbon around the ring if you want to or just leave it as it is. Donít throw away the jar top circles! These are great to use when you donít want to use the smelly jelly right away. Just put these on the jars BEFORE the fabric is added, to seal in the scent. Then take them off and reapply the fabric and rings when youíre ready to use your smelly jelly. These last for months, but remember - water must be poured through the fabric top every week or so to keep them from drying out - very important!! If you happen to forget, they can be brought back from total dry out though.
I forgot one and had nothing but crystals and oil in the jar, but I added some water... a few hours later, a perfect smelly jelly!

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