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To prevent burning saucepan when boiling milk, sprinkle bottom of the pan with granulated sugar. Let it get hot, then pour in the milk. It also keeps milk from boiling over More Tips

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Australian RedBack

Bass Ale

Blackout Brown Ale

British Bitter

Carp Ale


Honey Basil

Pale Ale

Northern Lights

Simple Wheat Beer

Snail Trail Pale Ale

Sweet Darkness

Weizen? Why Not?

#8 Weizen II

100% Wheat

7--Mile Red Ale

Abbey Beer

Alaskan Amber Ale

Alcatraz Wheat Beer

Alex's Delicious E.S.B.

Alex's Scottish Ale

Alki Point Sunset

All Grain American Brown

All grain Barleywine

All Grain Porter

Al's Amber Wheat Beer

Al's Medium-dry Stout

Al's Pale Ale

Al's Special London Ale





America Discovers Columbus

Amber Ale

American Brown Ale

American I.P.A.

American Pale Ale

American Pale Ale

American Premium Pilsner

American Wheat

Amy's Stout

Anchor Liberty Clone

Anchor Porter Clone

Anchor Steam-Style Amber

Angie's Ale

Apples in the Snow

Arizona Pale Ale

B.W. Lager

Bad Chili Beer

Baer's Stout

Bah Humbug Brew




Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout

Barrel Bottom Black Bitter

Basic Fruit Beer

Basic Stout

Bass Ale

Bass Ale Clone

Bass Clone


Batard de Belgique

Batch #10 Gary's Oregon Steam Beer

Batch #14 Raspberry

Batch #28

Batch #62 Brain Wipe

Batch 25

Batch 29


Bavarian Weiss


Beat Me Over the Head with a Stick Bock

Beekeeper's Brown

Beginner's Luck Brown Ale

Belgian Ale

Belgian Dubbel

Belgian Strong Ale

Belgian Trappiste / Abbey Ale

Belgian Wheat Ale

Bengal Butt Kicker

Berliner Weisse

Berry Strawberry Ale

Best Pale Ale

Bierre de Garde

Big Bang Pilsner Ale

Billy Bob's Blueberry Bitter

Bitch's Brew Oatmeal Stout

Black Bear Ale

Black Betty

Black Butte Porter Clone

Black Cat Stout #1

Black Gold Stout

Blackberry Peach Lager

Blackberry Porter

Blackberry Stout

Blackberry Stout

Blackberry Weizen

Blackberry Wheat

Blackstrap Stout

Blind Squirrel Barleywine

Blow Me Away Holiday Ale

Blown Top Braggart

Blueberry Ale

Blueberry Lager

Bob's Coriander Ale

Bob's Sandia Pale Ale


Bohemian Pilsner

Boonesburger Winterale

Boxing Day Bock

Brain Death Barleywine

Breakfast Barleywine

Brew Free or Die IPA

Brewhaus Golden Lager

Brewhaus I.P.A.

Brewhaus Porter

Brierley'S Lager

Broglio's Quaker Stout

Brown Ale

Brown Ale 2

Brown Ale 3

Brown Ale 4

Brown Ale #3

Brown and Blue Ale

Brown Rye Ale

Brown Rye Ale

Bulwark American Lager

Bumble Bee Porter

Burst Bubbles, No Troubles Munich Dunkel

Buzzy Beer

Casual Dunkelweizen

Cat's Claw Blackberry Ale

Cat's Paw Brown Ale

Celis Clone

Charlie Brown Pumpkin Ale

Cherry Fever Stout

Cherry Weiss et cetera

Cherry Wheat


Chocolate Mint Coffee Stout

Chocolate Point Porter

Chocolate Stout

Christmas Ale

Christmas Cranberry Ale

Christmas in Ireland

Christmas in July

Chronos' Kin Kolsch


Cinnimon Honey Ale

Citadelle White

Clara Bell

Clean Out The Closet Porter

Clubhouse Smoked Porter

Clydesdale Stout

Coffee Stout

Coffee Stout 2

Colorado Crankcase Stout

Coopers Clone

Corn Beer

Corrales Blanco

Cottage Coffee Stout

Countryside Ginger

Cranbeery Ale

Cranberry Ale

Cranberry Ale

Cranberry Ale

Cranberry Beer

Cranberry Beer

Cranberry Wheat

Crankcase Stout

Cream of Oats Stout

Crystal-Malt Fest

Dana's Smilin' Irish Eyes Red Ale

Dark as the Night Stout

Dark of the Moon Cream Stout

Dark Raspberry Wheat

David Smith's Porter

Day After 1040A Wheat

Dean's Pirahana

Debbe's Garlic Beer

Delightful IPA

Den's Bock

Desert Storm American Steam Beer

Dextrinous Porter

Diaper Pail Ale

Dog Gone Bad Cherry Wheat Ale

Don's Most Wickid Ale


Double Diamond

Double Party Chocolate Stout

Double Stout

Dr. Bruce's Skull and Crossbones Old Ale

Dragon's Rest Ale

Drew's Brew Wheat

Drinkable Spruce Beer

Drowsy Duck Imperial Stout

Dry Ale

Dry Rye Stout



Easy Spiced Brown Ale

Easy, Delicious Old Ale

Eliminator Stout

Emma Wedgewood's Winter Welcome

English Pale Ale

English Special Bitter

English Strong Spice Ale

Erik's American IPA #1

Ersatz Baderbrau

Ersatz Harpoon 1991 Winter Warmer

Ersatz Pilsner Urquell

Et Tu Brute?

Extract Barleywine

Extract Kolsch

Extract Porter

Extract Pumpkin Ale

Fakin' Gammel Brygd

Fat Wanda's Kolsch Klone

Feelix the Cat Dark Cherry Lager

Fine Line Barleywine

Finster's Finest Chocolate Raspberry Stout

First All Grain

First All-Grain

First Ames Brew American Pale Ale

First Oatmeal Stout

Fissurin' Porter

Flaherty's Red

Flat Tyre

Foggy Day Jumpin' Java




Frane's House Ale


Franko's Magnificent Eichenweizzen

Free Time Raspberry Brew

Frosty Toad British Ale

Fruit Galore

Full Moon Ale

Full Sail Ale

Full Sail Amber

Fullers ESB

Fullers ESB Clone

Full-Moon Porter

Gak & Gerry's #23: Anteater Porter

Gak & Gerry's Batch #75: Pepper Pale for Paris

Gak & Laurel's Garlic Beer

Garlic Beer

Gelber Weizen

Generic Ale

Generic Stout

Geordie Brown Ale

George's April's Fool Bock

German Hefe Weizen

German Malz Bier

German Weisen Beer

Ginger Beer

Ginger Steamer

gnarly barlewine

Goldenflower Ale

Grapefruit Taste

Great Pumpkin Bitter

Green Chili Amber

Green Chili Beerito

Grizzly Peak Pale Ale

Groovy Time Pale Ale

Guinness Pub Draught Clone

Halloween Stout

Harvey's Blue Beer

Hazelnut Brown

George's April's Fool Bock

Heavy Weather

Heavyside Ale

Hefe-Hafer Ale (2.5 Gallons)


Hefeweizen Dunkel

Hell Gate Porter

Hershell Chanukah's Mulled Atheist Ale

High Altitude Barleywine

High-Gravity Bock

Historic Porter

Holiday Ale

Holiday Porter

Honey Amber

Honey Basil Ale

Honey Bitter

Honey Ginger Beer

Honey Ginger Beer

Honey Ginger Lager

Honey Ginger Lager

Honey Porter

Honey Porter

Honey Spruce Ale

Honey Wheat

Honey Wheat Beer

Honey-Basil Ale II

Hoppy Amber Wheat

Hot Summer Nights

Hot Weather Ale

Hurricane Helles

Ides of March Ale

Imperial Stout

Independence Porter

India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale (2gal)

Indian Summer Gingered Ale

Infamous Christmas Glogg Beer



Irish Christmas Stout

Irish Stout


J.B.'s Hot Chocolate

JazzBerry Juice

Jeff's ESB Extra Special Basenji Bitter

Jim's 90 Schilling Scotch Ale

Joan's Potholder Oatmeal Stout

John's Raspberry Ale

Jolly Rancher Beer

Josh's Better Xingu

Kahlua Stout

Kentucky Sour Mash Beer

KGB Bitters

Killer Party Ale

KiWheat Ale

Klingon Stout

Koelsch 1

Koelsch 2

Kolsch 1

Kolsch 2

Kolsch 3




Lageresque Ale


Legendary Mike Brown's Spruce Ale

Liberty Ale Success

Light Ale

Light Lager

Light Pale Ale

Light Wheat Lager

Lima Bean Ale

Limey Bastart Pale Ale

Liquid Fruit Cake

Long Island Winter Warmer

Longhorn Fog Leg

Lord Stanley Dark Ale

Mach Guinness

Mackeson Triple Stout Clone

Mackeson's Stout

Mackeson's Stout

Mad Monk Oatmeal Honey Wheat

Maerzen Beer



Maple Leaf Porter

Maple Porter

Maple Porter

Maple Syrup Stout

Maple Syrup Stout

Maple Wheat Ale

March Hare Honey Porter

Marginally Pale Ale

Marigold Ale

Martin's Porter

Mega Gingered Holiday Ale

Mega Stout

Merry Christmas! Ale

Michael's Raspberry Ale

Mid-West Mild Ale

Mikes Maple Hammer

Mild Ale

Millennium Amber Ale

Minions of Evil

Minnesota Wild Rice Amber

Mirror Pond Pale Ale (Clone)

Mittelfrueh Brew

Mo' Better Bitter

Mocha Java Stout

Mom's Special Ale

Mongrel Ale (Smoked)

Moretti Amber Lager

Most Recent Oatmeal Stout

Motor City Madhouse Ale

Munich Beer

Munich Fest

Munich Lager

Munich Style Lager

My Framboise Recipe

My Own Scotch Ale

Nebraska Red

Net Brown Ale

New Peculier

New Stout II

New Stout III

Newcastle Brown

Nice Larger With Flavour And Some Bite

Nightingale DoppleBock

No Decaff Here Stout

Norman Conquest Strong Ale

North East Holiday Beer

Not So Oatmeal

Not So Pale Ale

Nothing Exceeds Like Excess

Not-So-Sweet Beer (Steam)

Nuggets Pale Ale

Number 17

Number 23

Oatmeal Cream Stout

Oatmeal Stout 1

Oatmeal Stout 2

Oatmeal Stout 3

Oatmeal Wheat Stout



Ohio Valley Mud Stout

Oktoberfest Ale

Old Bavarian Dunkles Weissbier

Old Beulah Wee Export

Old Man Pyle

Old Peculier

Old-Time Jaspers Gingered Ale

Ole Bottle Rocket (Steam)

Orange Blossom Amber

Ordinary Bitter

Original Oatmeal Stout

Overly Acidic Stout

Pale After Math Ale

Pale Ale

Pale Ale

Pale Ale

Pale Maple Ale

Pale Rye Ale

Partial Mash Porter

Paul's Chocolate Porter

Peach Smoked Porter Recipe

Peach Wheat Ale

Pepper Beer

Perfect Guiness

Perle Pale

Pete's Wicked Ale

Pete's Wicked Clone

Pete's Wicked Clone

Pete's Wicked Red Clone


Pick of the Season Cherry Ale



Pilsner Urquell

Pirate Ale


PMS Stout

Porter? Porter?

Potato Beer

Potluck Ale

Pugsley's Pseudo Celis White #5

Pumpernickel Porter

Pumpernickel Stout

Pumpkel Weizen

Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin Beer

Pumpkin Stout

Punkin Ale

Puppy's Surprise Spiced Wheat Ale

Purdue Red Hot Apple Ale

Pyle Style Pale Ale

Pyramid Apricot Ale

Rainy Day Porter

Raspberry Ale 1

Raspberry Ale 2

Raspberry Brown Ale

Raspberry Catastrophe

Raspberry Imperial Stout

Raspberry Pilsner

Raspberry Porter

Raspberry Wheat

Rat's Darkness




Really Bitter Dregs

Red Ale

Red Bock

Red Hickory Lager

Red Hook ESB

Red Hook ESB Clone

Red Wheat Ale


Revival Porter

Richard's Red 1

Richard's Red 2

Rick's Wicked Summer Ale

Right Thing Oatmeal Stout

RIS Marital Bliss

Rocket J. Squirrel Honey Wheat Ale

Rocky Raccoon Ale

Roger's Real Ale

Ruby Tuesday

Rusty Cream Ale

Rye Wit

Sam Adams

Samuel Adams Taste-Alike Beer

Schizophrenia Espresso Porter

Scotch Ale 1

Scotch Ale 2

Scotch Ale 3

Scottish Ale

Scottish Export

Scottish Steamy Ale

Scotto's Rapier-Like Wit

Second Try


Short and Stout

Sierra Nevada Clone

Sierra Nevada Helles Bock

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada Porter Clone

Sierra Pale Ale

Simple Recipe

Simple Wheat Beer

Simply Stout

Singularity Stout

Six Cooks Ale

Skwerl Stout

Slugbait Apricot Cobbler Ale

Snowbound Pils

Sour Mash

Sourdough Beer

Southside Steam Beer

Sparky's After-Burner Brew

Special Bitter #9

Speedball Stout

Spiced Ale

Spiced Brown Ale

Spiced Chili Beer

Spicy Xmas Beer

Spray Centennial Commemorative Ale - Brown Ale - No. 7

Spread it on Toast Imperial Stout

Spruce Beer

Spruce Beer

Spruce Juice

Stacie's Wicked Ale

Stacie's Wicked Ale

Steam Beer

Steam Beer

Stout 1

Stout 2

Stout 3

Stout ala Guinness

Stout or Is It Porter?

Stout Stout

Strawberry (or whatever...) Wheat

Strawberry Beer 1

Strawberry Beer 2

Strawberry, Not Very Ale

Striped Cat I.P.A.

Summer Chocolate Stout

Summer Lemon Wheat

Summer Pale Ale


Surprised Frog Lager

Swamp Dog Stout

Sweet Tooth's Sheaf & Vine Stout

Sweetport Porter

Swill Clone

Taken Liberties Ale

Taking Liberty Ale

Tamalpais Wit

TBones Game Warden Stout

Terminator Stout

Terminator Stout (Scale to size)


TGIF Pale Ale

The Claude Bonaire Belgian Strong Ale

The Drive Pale Ale

The Grommator

The Haircut Beer

This Pete's Wicked Red Ale

Three Hour Tour Ginger Pale Ale

Three Vice Stout

Three X Autumn Ale

Tina Marie Porter

Too Dry Stout

Too Much Head

Too Sweet Ale

Too Sweet Clone

Tooncinator Motley Cru


Trappist Ale 1

Trappist Ale 2


Traquair House Ale

Triple Double IPA

Trolleyman ESB

Twelfth Lager

Tyrant Ale

Tyson's Hefeweisen Amber

Uncle Bill's Porter

Ursa Major Stout

Usquepaugh Mild Brown Ale

Vanilla Cream Ale



Wacky Weizenbock

Wake Up and Go To Sleep Stout

Washington Apple Ale

Watson's Alementary Stout

Wee Heavy/Old Ale

Weets Best Bitter


Weizen Heimer

Weizen Schmeizen


Wheat Ale

Wheat Amber

Wheat Beer #1

Wheat Beer #2

Wheat Berry

Wicked Ole Ale

Willy Wonka Porter

Winter Warmer


Winters Tavern Pale

Winter's Tavern Winter Ale


Wit Christmas

WTO Wheat

Xmas Ale 1

Xmas Ale 2

Xmas Beer

Ye Olde Sloshingfroth

Yeltsin's Best Imperial Stout

Your Father's Mustache

Zoso White

Zulu's X-mas Lager

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