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Chocolate Filled Braid       


  2 1/4 c  bread flour,unsifted

      2 T  sugar

    1/2 t  salt

      1 pk dry yeast

    1/2 c  milk

    1/4 c  water

    1/2 c  bitter chocolate

      1    egg

           **CHOCOLATE FILLING**

    3/4 c  mini chocolate chips

      2 T  sugar

    1/3 c  evaporated milk

      1 t  vanilla

    1/2 c  finely walnuts (or pecans)-Chopped

    1/4 t  cinnamon


      1 c  powdered sugar

      1 T  butter (or oleo)

    1/2 t  vanilla

      2 T  milk

Prepare chocolate filling & set aside.  Combine 1 cup flour, sugar &

yeast in large bowl & set aside.  Combine milk, water & butter in

saucepan & cook over low heat until very warm (120-130) degrees, the

butter does not need to melt.  Add to dry ingredients, beat 2 mnutes on

medium speed.  Add to dry ingredients, beat 2 minutes on medium speed.

Add enough flour to make a stiff dough.  Cover & allow to rest for 20



Turn dough onto a well floured board; roll into an 18x10 rectangle.

Spread with chocolate filling lengthwise down center third of dough.

Cut 1" wide strips diagonally along both sides of filling to within

3/4" of filling.  Alternately fold opposite strips of dough at an angle

across filling.  Alternately fold opposite strips of dough at an angle

across filling.  Transfer to a greased cookie sheet.  Shape into ring

stretching slightly; pinch ends together.  Cover with wax paper brushed

with vegetable oil; top with plastic wrap.  Chill 1 1/2-2 hours.  May

chill overnight.


Let dough stand uncovered at room temperature for 10 minutes.  Bake at

375 for 30-35 minutes or until lightly browned.  Remove from kaing

sheet & cool on wire rack.  Brush with melted butter or drizzle with

Confectioners Sugar Glaze.


Chocolate Filling: Combine chocolate chips, sugar & evaporated milk in

small saucepan.  Cook over low heat stirring constantly until chips are

melted & mixture is smooth.  Stir in nuts, vanilla & cinnamon.  Cool.


Confectioners Sugar Glaze: Beat confectioners sugar, butter, vanilla &

milk in small bowl, until glaze is smooth & of desired consistency.

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