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Mensa Methane Chili

Yield: 1 Servings

30 lb beef,course ground
1 6 lb. can kidney beans
1 6 lb. can tomato paste
1 6 lb. can tomatoes,Crushed
1 1/2 qt onion chips,Dried
1 1/4 lb chili powder
1/2 c cayenne pepper,ground
3 whole garlics,peeled and
1/2 c cumin,Ground
1/2 c fennel seed (optional)
6 bell peppers,diced
1 salt,To Taste
1 water

Cook meat in dutch oven until browned. Drain and dump into a 40 quart pot. Continue browning meat until all cooked, drained and placed in larger container. Add the three cans of beans, paste, and tomatoes.
Begin cooking over low heat. Add water to bring to right consistency. Add chili, cayenne, cumin, diced pepper, fennel seed, and prepared garlic. Thoroughly mix ingredients with a large wooden spoon or baseball bat.
Continue to cook until pot gently simmers. If placed on very low heat, this may take all night (all the better). Add salt and any other condiments desired to taste. This savory collation best started one day in advanced and allowed to age by the slow overnight simmer and allowed to sit or cook until at least noon the next day or even better the evening.

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