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Ackee and Saltfish

Bacalaitos (Salt Codfish Fritters)

Bacalao Espanol (Spanish Cod)

Baccala Alla Bolognese

Baccala Alla Romana

Baccala With Potatoes And Green Olives

Bakaliaro Tiganito (Fried Salt-cod)

Baked Cod

Baked Cod Alaska

Baked Cod and Vegetables

Baked Cod with Italian Breadcrumbs

Baked Fish with Groundnut Sauce

Baked Italian Fish

Barbecued Fish Steaks

Basil Baked Cod

Basque Salt Cod

Batter Dipped Fish

Black Cod, Chinese Style

Bollinos (cod Fish Balls)

Bombay Fish Fillets In Romaine

Bouillabaisse (Fish Stew)

Broiled Cod with Sun-dried Tomatoes

Broiled North Sea Black Cod

Cajun Cod

Cajun Fish Sandwiches

Cajun Salad

Cape An Chowder

Cape Cod Turkey

Chunky Spiced Cod

Cod and Shrimp Casserole

Cod and Tater Bake

Cod Baked with Fennel Seeds

Cod Cobbler

Cod Fish Cakes

Cod Fish Latkes

Cod in Louisiana Sauce Piquant

Cod in Red Wine

Cod in Sour Cream

Cod In Tomato Sauce

Cod Pie

Cod Steaks with Herbed Breads Crumbs

Cod Steaks with Tomato Sauce

Cod Stir-Fry

Cod with Garlic

Cod with Herb-Stuffing Crust

Cod with Orange Sauce

Cod with Pesto Crust and Tomato Relish

Codfish and Beans

Codfish Fluff

Codfish Omelet

Codfish Provencale

Codfish Salad

Codfish Soup

Codfish Vegetable Casserole

Codfish with Herbs and Tomatoes

Creole Baked Cod

Crispy Cod Cakes

Crunchy Polenta Fish Patties

Deep Fried Cod in Batter

Deviled Codfish Patties

Fish and Cheese Supreme

Fish and Chips

Fish and Crab Meat Fritters

Fish and Mushrooms

Fish Fillets Florentine

Fish in Foil

Fish with Garlic Salsa

Fish With Sherry Almond Sauce

Fried Fish with Moroccan-Style Herb Sauce

Greek Soup

Kosher Chowder Or The Priest's Chowder

Lemon and Dill Cod with vegetables

Lemon Vegetable Fish Supreme

Lentil and Cod Chowder

Low Fat Seafood Stew

Malayan Curried Fish Bites

Mediterranean Baked Cod

New England Fish Chowder

New England Style Cod and Mussel Chowder

Newfoundland Fish and Brewis

Old Fashioned Fish Bake

Oriental Cod

Oven Fried Fish

Pacific Rock Cod Stewed with Oranges, Tomatoes, and Olives

Pan-fried Fish Parmesana

Panfried Fish with Spicy Mango Salsa

Portuguese Codfish

Portuguese Fish Chowder

Ratatouille and Cod Stew

Roast Cod with Anchovy and Garlic

Seafood Alfredo

Seafood and Rice

Seafood Au Gratin

Seafood Mandarin

Seafood Treasures En Papillote

Shaker Fish and Eggs

Shrimp and Fish Casserole

Spanish Style Codfish

Spiced Tomato Fish

Spicy Fish Kebabs

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