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1 tbsp. liquid starch
2 tbsp. white glue, such as Elmer's school glue
3 drops food coloring
Pinch sodium benzoate to retard mold
Plastic Easter egg or small screw-top jar


WARNING: Omit sodium benzoate if material is to be used with young children. Makes about 3 tablespoons. Measure starch into a small bowl. Add glue. Let set 5 minutes. If desired, add coloring and sodium benzoate. Then mix thoroughly until all starch is absorbed and color is spread smoothly throughout. The more you mix the putty, the better it vets. Store in a plastic Easter egg or small jar. HOW TO USE IT: This recipe makes a rubbery putty that will bounce, pick up pictures from the newspaper, stretch, and mold into shapes. If left in the open air, it will melt into a rubbery blob and turn hard. If a tougher, more rubbery putty is desired, add one more teaspoonful starch. Soft putty should set overnight before being used to pick up pictures. If used too soon, it may stick to the paper. Stored in an airtight container, Nutty Putty will last several days. If the surface dries out or if it gets too tough from handling, just dip it into warm water and then knead.

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