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Almond Date Shake

Almond Dates

Almond Stuffed Dates with Bacon

Amaranth Date Nut Bread

Apple Date Pudding

Applesauce Date Cookies

Arizona Pecan and Date Pie

Avocado Cake with Dates

Baked Christmas Candy

Beer Can Date Bread

Buffalo Bread

Butterscotch-Date Squares

Caramel Date Bars with Cranberries and Walnuts

Cheddar Date Nut Loaf

Chewy Date Torte

Chocolate Date Squares

Chocolate Date Truffles

Chocolate-date Cake

Christmas Date Balls

Christmas Date Pudding

Chunky Date Coconut and Almond Granola

Cocoanut Date Cookies

Coconut and Date Pecan Balls

Creole Date Loaf

Crunchy Date Rounds

Date Almond and Walnut Torte

Date and Almond Brownies

Date and Apple Squares

Date and Banana Chutney

Date and Banana Cookies

Date and Cinnamon Cake

Date and Cranberry Relish

Date and Ginger Scones

Date and Malt Flapjacks

Date and Nut Biscuits

Date and Nut Chews

Date and Nut Loaf

Date and Nut Macaroons

Date and Nut Pudding

Date and Nut Roll

Date and Walnut Loaf Cake

Date Apple Bread

Date Apple Waldorf

Date Bombs

Date Bran Bread

Date Bread

Date Bread and Butter Pudding

Date Buns

Date Cake

Date Cheese Filling

Date Chicken Salad

Date Chocolate Chip Cake

Date Coleslaw with Orange-Ginger Vinaigrette

Date Confection

Date Cookies

Date Cream Cheese Rolls

Date Crunch

Date Cup Cake

Date Doughnuts

Date Drop Cookies

Date Filled Oatmeal Cookies

Date Filled Peppers

Date Filling

Date Fingers

Date Fried Won Ton

Date Fruit Cake

Date Haroset

Date Jam

Date Krumbles

Date Marshmallow Log

Date Meringue Pie

Date Muffins

Date Muffins 2

Date Nut Butter

Date Nut Chocolate Party Cake

Date Nut Fondant

Date Nut Pudding Cake

Date Nut Raisin Jam

Date Nut Sandwiches

Date Nut Sauce

Date Orange Filling

Date Pecan Bourbon Truffles

Date Pineapple Pudding

Date Pineapple Walnut Muffins

Date Pinwheel Cookies

Date Rice Pudding

Date Syrup

Date Tapioca

Date Torte Waffles

Dates Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Cointreau

Diabetic Date Nut Cookies

Frozen Maple Date Salad

Fruit and Nut Balls

Fruit Nougat

Fruit-Nut Balls with Liqueur

Grated Carrot and Date Salad with Gorgonzola

Holiday Cheddar Date Cake

Lamb Tajine with Dates and Almonds

Malay Pickle Dates and Shallots

Moroccan Date Cake

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