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Afelia (Braised Pork With Coriander)

Aletria (Portugese Egg Noodle Pudding)

Apricot Flan

Armenian Potato Salad With Red Onions and Green Pepper

Arroz De Bacalhau

Austrian Bread Dumplings

Avacado Buttermilk Sherbet

Baked Mushrooms

Baked Noodles

Bandukes - Lithuanian (Baked Potato Dumplings)

Basic Irish Sausages

Basler Brunsli

Basque Style Steamed Clams (Almejas Guisadas)

Basque Tortilla De Pata

Batas A Portuguesa - Portuguese Fried Potatoes

Bayerischer Wurstsalat (Barvarian Sausage Salad)


Beef Soup With Liver Balls

Beet Kvas

Beets Stewed In Sour Cream

Berlin Pea Soup With Bacon


Black Pudding

Blinde Vinken (Blind Finches)

Bloemen Sprits (Dutch Chocolate and Cinnamon Flowers)

Boerenkass Soup (Dutch Cheese Soup)

Bohemian Potato Dumplings

Boiled Red Cabbage

Boterkoek (Butter Cake From Holland)

Braised Pork Loin For A Feijoada

Bratwurst In Beer, Berlin Style

Bread Crumb and Butter Sauce

Bread Soup

Cabbage Norway

Cabbage with Smoked Meats

Caldo Callego (Spanish Vegetable and Sausage Soup)

Canja De Galinha (Chicken Soup With Lemon and Mint)

Caramelized Sweet Onion Slices

Carrot Babka

Cheesy Spanish Omelette

Chicken In Dill Sauce

Chicken Paprikash


Cod Cobbler

Cossack Chicken and Mushrooms

Cream Of Mussel Soup

Czech Bread Dumplings

Danish Cabbage and Beef Casserole

Danish Cabbage Rolls

Danish Meat Balls

Danish Rullepolse (Spiced Breast Of Veal)

Drop Noodles - Zlicni Rezanci

Easy Hungarian Soup

Farina Dumplings

Farmer Egg

Finnish Cranberry-raspberry Pudding

Flaeskeaeggekage (Bacon and Egg Cake)

Flaming Eggs

Fruit Kuchen

Garlic Shrimp


Girdle Scones

Good Hungarian Goulash

Green Beans In Mustard Sauce

Green Borscht

Ground Nut Cake

Halibut With Tomatoes and Black Olives

Haring Salade (Marinated Herring Salad)

Honey Cookies

Horseradish Sauce

Hot Fish-pickle

Huckleberry Soup

Hungarian Cherry Soup

Hungarian Chicken Paprikas

Hungarian Letcho

Irish Brown Bread Royal Hibernian

Irish Buttermilk Bannock

Irish Potato Pancakes

Irish Scones

Italian Leek Patties

Kaernemaelkskoldskaal (Cold Buttermilk Soup)


Kolache Dough

Lamb and Cabbage Casserole

Lamb Chops Suisse

Lamb Stewed with beans

Lithuanian Kruscuki (Fried Pastries)

Lithuanian Kugel

Liver Dumplings (Jatrov Knedliky)

Macedonian White Bean Soup

Malasadas (Sweet Doughnuts)

Maple Kielbasa Bites

Mussels A La Portuguese

Noodle-cheese Casserole

Norway Rice Cream

Norwegian Juniper-cured Salmon

Norwegian Waffles


Pancakes With Chocolate Sauce

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