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For the Month of January

"1.—Austrian Goulasch.

2.—East India Fish.

3.—English Gems.

4.—Turkish Pudding.

5.—Chinese Chicken.

6.—Scotch Scones.

7.—Egyptian Meat Balls.

8.—Austrian Potato Dumplings.

9.—Belgian Rice Dessert.

10.—Bavarian Pear Pudding.

11.—French Pineapple Bisque.

12.—Russian Pancakes.

13.—Egyptian Cabbage.

14.—Madras Baked Fish.

15.—Norwegian Salad.

16.—Dutch Eggs.

17.—Bavarian Wine Soup.

18.—English Stuffed Goose.

19.—Vienna Peach Torte.

20.—Egyptian Meat-Pie.

21.—Russian Boiled Fish.

22.—Spanish Cake.

23.—Vienna Stewed Carrots.

24.—Russian Fish-Roll.

25.—India Curried Eggs.

26.—Codfish a la Lyonnaise.

27.—Jewish Crebchen Soup.

28.—French Veal Soufflé.

29.—Belgian Potato Salad.

30.—Polish Stewed Tongue.

31.—Rissotto (ITALIAN).

For the Month of February

1.—Oriental Canapes.

2.—Haggis (SCOTCH).

3.—Austrian Braised Tongue.

4.—Russian Omelet.

5.—Madras Potato Curry.

6.—Swiss Baked Eggs.

7.—Jewish Stewed Shad.

8.—Bombay Spinach.

9.—Spanish Fricasseed Shrimps.

10.—Irish Baked Potatoes.

11.—Russian Stewed Chicken.

12.—Dutch Baked Mackerel.

13.—Polish Roast Mutton.

14.—Italian Sugar Cakes.

15.—Oriental Stewed Prawns.

16.—Swiss Steak.

17.—Berlin Herring Salad.

18.—German Lentil Soup.

19.—French Spiced Venison.

20.—Spanish Mushrooms.

21.—Vienna Noodle Pudding.

22.—Dutch Sweet Potato Puff.

23.—Spaghetti (ITALIAN).

24.—Russian Beet Soup.


26.—Baden Stewed Lentils.

27.—Duck aux Champignons.

28.—Hungarian Beef Stew.

For the Month of March

1.—Chicken Chop Suey (CHINESE).

2.—Jewish Shallét.

3.—Russian Relish.

4.—Dutch Stuffed Potatoes.

5.—Fish a la Marseilles.

6.—Jewish Stewed Brains.

7.—Austrian Apple Strudel.

8.—Vienna Nut Torte.

9.—Bavarian Cabbage Salad.

10.—Russian Stewed Duck.

11.—Russian Chicken Patties.

12.—Japanese Salad.

13.—Polish Chops.

14.—Spanish Stewed Rabbit.

15.—Scotch Baked Mutton.

16.—Belgian Stuffed Shad.

17.—Italian Roast Beef.

18.—French Apple Soufflé.

19.—German Sweet Pretzels.

20.—French Waffles.

21.—Swedish Stewed Mutton.

22.—Swedish Pie.

23.—Greek Stuffed Egg-Plant.

24.—Norwegian Fish Pudding.

25.—Japanese Eggs.

26.—Jewish Stewed Brisket.

27.—Hungarian Fruit Roll.

28.—Dutch Stewed Fish.

29.—Belgian Lamb Chops.

30.—Austrian Apple Omelet.

31.—Fish a la Normandie.

For the Month of April

1.—Italian Tongue.

2.—German Prune Pudding.

3.—Swiss Pot Roast.

4.—Mushrooms a la Bordelaise.

5.—Turkish Soup.

6.—Scotch Omelet.

7.—Jewish Egg Bread.

8.—Bombay Broiled Kidney.

9.—German Prune Kuchen.

10.—French Roast with Carrots.

11.—Spanish Fried Chicken.

12.—Hungarian Bread Pudding.

13.—Swedish Baked Turnips.

14.—Belgian Baked Bananas.

15.—Japanese Rice.

16.—Scotch Loaf Cake.

17.—English Meat Loaf.

18.—Jewish Purim Cakes.

19.—Swiss Pie.

20.—French Apple Fritters.

21.—Jewish Purim Torte.

22.—English Boiled Pudding.

23.—German Stewed Brains.

24.—Scotch Cream Muffins.

25.—French Tart.

26.—Polish Stewed Beans.

27.—Vienna Milk Rolls.

28.—Scotch Potato Stew.

29.—Jewish Dumplings.

30.—Italian Soup.

For the Month of May

1.—Turkish Purée.

2.—Jewish Kugel.

3.—English Muffins.

4.—Spanish Roast Veal.

5.—Madras Stewed Chicken.

6.—Irish Beef Rolls.

7.—Norwegian Fruit Pudding.

8.—Spanish Puffs.

9.—Belgian Veal Scallop.

10.—Parisian Chicken.

11.—German Boiled Noodles.

12.—Dutch Baked Fish.

13.—Vienna Cheese Torte.

14.—Hungarian Fried Noodles.

15.—Belgian Roast Lamb.

16.—Russian Salad.

17.—French Rolls.

18.—German Herring Salad.

19.—Belgian Fried Calf's Feet.

20.—Italian Ice Cream.

21.—French Chocolate Biscuits.

22.—India Canapes.

23.—Chicken a la Tartare.

24.—Jewish Pudding.

25.—German Potato Pancakes.

26.—English Roast Veal.

27.—Russian Rice Pudding.

28.—Scotch Pudding.

29.—Italian Potato Balls.

30.—Belgian Veal Cutlets.

31.—French Lemon Cookies.

For the Month of June

1.—Italian Stuffed Tomatoes.

2.—English Salad.

3.—Scotch Stuffed Eggs.

4.—Oriental Vegetable Curry.

5.—Chinese Noodle Soup.

6.—Hindu Eggs.

7.—Portugal Veal Stew.

8.—Italian Coffee Cream.

9.—Scotch Rarebit.

10.—Irish Ham Omelet.

11.—Jewish Stewed Tongue.

12.—French Prune Soufflé.

13.—Italian Cooked Eggs.

14.—Spanish Broiled Steak.

15.—Liver a la Bourgogne.

16.—Messina Macaroni.

17.—Dutch Prune Pudding.

18.—Irish Beef Stew.

19.—English Creamed Asparagus.

20.—French Float.

21.—Russian Pot Roast.

22.—Spanish Salad.

23.—Scotch Baked Potatoes.

24.—German Apple Cake.

25.—English Ham Sandwiches.

26.—Swiss Peach Custard.

27.—French Veal Hash.

28.—Vienna Potato Salad.

29.—French Baked Omelet.

30.—Italian Batter Cakes.

For the Month of July

1.—Portugal Iced Pudding.

2.—English Chicken Salad.

3.—Turkish Stewed Lamb.

4.—Irish Apple Pudding.

5.—Indian Rice.

6.—Hungarian Chicken Soup.

7.—Yorkshire Pudding.

8.—Portugal Salad.

9.—English Chocolate Pudding.

10.—Spanish Canapes.

11.—French Strawberry Pudding.

12.—Veal Croquettes a la Reine.

13.—German Cheese Pie.

14.—Italian Veal Patés.

15.—Hungarian Noodle Pudding.

16.—Polish Stewed Chicken.

17.—Madras Curried Apples.

18.—Irish Batter Cakes.

19.—Spanish Baked Eggs.

20.—Scotch Stewed Onions.

21.—German Baked Cabbage.

22.—Dutch Veal Stew.

23.—French Baked Apple Dumplings.

24.—Bavarian Fried Brains.

25.—Polish Bread Pudding.

26.—Vienna Cherry Cake.

27.—Belgian Poached Eggs.

28.—Bavarian Apple Pie.

29.—Russian Fried Sweetbreads.

30.—Polish Apple Dumpling.

31.—Swiss Potato Dumpling.

For the Month of August

1.—German Pot Roast.

2.—Scotch Soup.

3.—Spanish Fried Potatoes.

4.—French Frozen Milk Punch.

5.—Bavarian Fruit Compote.

6.—Vienna Rice Custard.

7.—French Fried Cucumbers.

8.—German Cherry Soup.

9.—Swiss Pancakes.

10.—English Tarts.

11.—Norwegian Rice.

12.—Spanish Broiled Kidney.

13.—Egyptian Stuffed Peppers.

14.—English Tea Cakes.

15.—Bavarian Cheese Cake.

16.—Spanish Chicken.

17.—Polish Shrimp Salad.

18.—Dutch Apple Pudding.

19.—Bavarian Potatoes.

20.—Spanish Steak Roll.

21.—Oriental Cabbage.

22.—Dutch Salad.

23.—Greek Cucumbers.

24.—Russian Beef Roll.

25.—Jewish Veal Stew.

26.—French Pop-overs.

27.—German Egg Toast.

28.—Irish Potato Puffs.

29.—Belgian Eggs.

30.—Irish Cucumber Salad.

31.—German Iced Beer Soup.

For the Month of September

1.—Dutch Biscuits.

2.—Hindoo Oyster Fritters.

3.—Jewish Chrimsel.

4.—Spanish Relish.

5.—French Orange Compote.

6.—Spanish Baked Chicken.

7.—Swiss Beet Salad.

8.—Bombay Chicken Croquettes.

9.—Swiss Veal Pie.

10.—Spanish Rice.

11.—Polish Chicken Soup.

12.—Norwegian Soup.

13.—Greek Cakes.

14.—Russian Sandwich.

15.—Spanish Dessert.

16.—German Bread Tarte.

17.—Russian Stewed Fish.

18.—German Liver Dumplings.

19.—Jewish Sour Fish.

20.—Compote de Bannanes.

21.—English Peach Pie.

22.—Bean Polenta (ITALIAN).

23.—French Almond Pudding.

24.—Italian Cutlets.

25.—Jewish Gefuellte Fish.

26.—Swedish Stewed Veal.

27.—French Apple Pie.

28.—Vienna Filled Apples.

29.—Scotch Stewed Tripe.

30.—Polish Stewed Calves' Feet.

For the Month of October

1.—Oriental Pudding.

2.—Swedish Batter Cakes.

3.—Chinese Chop Suey.

4.—Russian National Soup.

5.—English Buns.

6.—Japanese Fish.

7.—Swiss Creamed Potatoes.

8.—Belgian Chicken.

9.—Swiss Biscuits.

10.—French Fritters.

11.—German Waffles.

12.—Dutch Rice Fritters.

13.—French Lettuce Salad.

14.—Austrian Baked Eggs.

15.—Swedish Stewed Chicken.

16.—Polish Filled Fish.

17.—Eels a la Poulette.

18.—Italian Baked Fish.

19.—Dutch Stuffed Goose.

20.—Swiss Roast Turkey.

21.—French Turkey Soup.

22.—Swedish Baked Fish.

23.—Jewish Stewed Sweetbreads.

24.—German Stuffed Turkey.

25.—Neapolitan Salad.

26.—Bavarian Stuffed Chicken.

27.—Hungarian Baked Herring.

28.—French Stewed Quail.

29.—India Beef Curry.

30.—Bread Pudding a la Caramel.

31.—Irish Flummery.

For the Month of November

1.—Swiss Fried Sweetbreads.

2.—Japanese Chicken.

3.—Hindu Venison.

4.—Spanish Tongue.

5.—English Pigeon Pie.

6.—Hungarian Stuffed Goose Neck.

7.—Swedish Cabbage.

8.—Spanish Fried Fish.

9.—German Spiced Rabbit.

10.—English Layer Cake.

11.—Dutch Rice Pudding.

12.—Polish Poached Eggs.

13.—Belgian Sweet Potato Purée.

14.—Spanish Codfish.

15.—Halibut a la Toulonaise.

16.—Jewish Stewed Goose.

17.—Polish Rice Pudding.

18.—Vienna Dumplings.

19.—Bavarian Sauerkraut.

20.—Chicken Croquettes a la Reine.

21.—Jewish Goose Greeben.

22.—French Venison Pie.

23.—Belgian Broiled Quail.

24.—Vienna Roast Beef.

25.—Oysters a la Toulonaise.

26.—Chicken a la Bechamel.

27.—Milanese Vegetable Soup.

28.—Swedish Salad.

29.—Oriental Rabbit Pie.

30.—Spanish Baked Fish.

For the Month of November

1.—English Plum Pudding.

2.—Swedish Rice Pudding.

3.—Portugal Soup.

4.—Chinese Salad.

5.—Egyptian Salad.

6.—English Dumplings.

7.—Irish Pancakes.

8.—English Cream Pudding.

9.—Bavarian Roast Turkey.

10.—Jewish Stewed Cabbage.

11.—Venison a la Francaise.

12.—Italian Macaroni.

13.—Russian Stuffed Tongue.

14.—Hungarian Dumplings.

15.—German Stewed Fish.

16.—French Stuffed Partridge.

17.—Russian Pickled Herring.

18.—Hungarian Duck.

19.—Venison a la Parisienne.

20.—Jewish Boiled Fish.

21.—English Stuffed Duck.

22.—French Stewed Rabbits.

23.—Italian Salad.

24.—Hungarian Stewed Pigeons.

25.—Vienna Baked Goose Breast.

26.—Italian Veal and Macaroni.

27.—French Squirrel Fricassee.

28.—Irish Mutton Stew.

29.—German Bread Pudding.

30.—Hungarian Spice Cakes.

31.—French Braised Sweetbread.

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