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This is to make a perfuming base to have on hand so you can make the scent as you need it in small amounts. This one will take about 3 to 4 weeks to become a strong scent.

In a glass quart jar warm the water to about 100 or so then add the Polysorbate if you choose to use it. Blend well using a stick blender or wire whisk for a bit. Or just use the distilled water at room temp. Then in a small glass jar add the light oil if you choose to use it to the Alcohol first and let it set for a bit, then add the Vinegar, Liquid Silk and blend together well. Add this mixture to the water and allow it to set and cool to room temp if you used the Polysorbate and warmed water, with a lid propped on but not on tightly. You can then store this and then add the scent to each bottle as you make it, shaking well and add a "Shake Well before use" label to the bottle. I make tiny labels that I cut and stick on the bottles at the top so it is very visible.

A few Tips:

The purpose of the bit of oil added is to help make the fragrance stay with the skin longer and to keep the alcohol, even at this small amount, from being drying to the skin.

I do find that some scenting oils whether they are Fragrance Oils or Essential Oils have a tendency to change the color of the mixture. But this is just a natural reaction of the oils. Using the smaller amount will give you a nice mild aroma like a light Cologne. The larger amount will give you more of a Perfume type mist.

You can use a bottle with mister or a bottle with a press open cap for a splash. Glass is great to use, but you can use any HDPE bottle that is made for holding lotions if you like.

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