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Once you understand the basic technique, this project goes quickly and easily. Items Needed to complete a 2-Layer Cake

1 pkg. Newborn diapers
1 or 2 Spools of ribbon
Empty paper towel roll
Assorted baby items to accessorize, ie. pacifier, bottle, stick balloon, booties, spoons, etc.


Take 2/3's of diapers from the package. Imagine that your paper towel holder was cut in half. Attach your ribbon, securely, to the middle of one of the halfs of your paper towel roll. Place first diaper on the end of the ribbon, bottom (folded part)first. Place another diaper inside first about halfway down facing the same way as the first. Begin tightly rolling the bottom of the first diaper around the paper towel holder, making sure the ribbon wraps around the outside to secure the diapers. When you begin rolling the second diaper add a third in the middle and continue tightly rolling until all of the remaining 2/3's are used. Make sure the diapers stay neatly on one half of the towel roll. Wrap ribbon completely around bottom layer, pull tight, then knot it to itself. Trim off the extra ribbon.


Take remaining third of diapers from the package. Attach your ribbon, securely, to the middle of the uncovered half of your paper towel roll. Repeat the same proceedure as with the first layer until all the diapers are used. Wrap ribbon completely around top layer, pull tight, then knot it to itself. Trim off the extra ribbon.


Using whatever baby accessories you have, decorate the cake. Attach items to the sides of the cake by tying items to the outside ribbon used to secure the diapers. Or use additional ribbon and make patterns around the cake or bows. Attach items to the top by slipping them part-way in between the layers of diapers. I have seen people use a baby bottle or a stick balloon as a cake topper by pushing it into the towel holder. Decorated or colored cellophane tied at the top, is a nice finishing touch that also helps hold it all together in case something falls off.

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