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Grilled Chicken With Oregano

Yield: 4 Servings
1 jim vorheis
2 1/2 lb large chicken pieces
- with t,he skin attached
2 garlic cloves,peeled
1 sm white onion,roughly sliced
1 c reduced chicken broth
12 additional garlic cloves
-peeled an,d minced
3 T oaxacan (or mexican),Dried
-oregano,s,tems removed
1 and roughly,Crumbled
2 T additional chicken broth
1/2 t sea salt (or),To Taste
1 chicken fat (or oil),Melted
-for broil,ing

Put the chicken pieces into a saute pan in one layer. Add the whole garlic cloves, onion, and 1 cup chicken broth and cook, covered, over medium heat, turning the pieces over from time to time, until the broth has completely reduced and the chicken is tender - about 25 minutes.
Crush the minced garlic into a mortar with the oregano, 2 tablespoons broth, and salt and work to a rough paste (or put it all into a blender jar and blend very briefly). Spread the paste over the chicken pieces, turning them so they ar evenly covered; return to the pan and cover. Set aside to season for 2 hours. Heat a broiler or grill and brown lightly, brushing with a little melted chicken fat if necessary.