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Radicchio~ Gruyere~ Grilled Bread Salad

Yield: 4 Servings
4 sl country bread,thin,cut
-from a lg round loaf
1 clove garlic,peel/halve
2 md radicchio heads,cored/ cut
-in thin strips
3 oz gruyere cheese,thin shaved
2 T walnuts,coarsely chopped
4 T extra-virgin olive oil
3 T red wine vinegar
1 t fine-quality mustard
1 ,salt & pepper to taste

"The colors and aromas -- the deep magenta leaves of radicchio, the rich flavor of walnuts, and the golden hue and pungent fragrance of ripe cheese, make this a winter dish. The ingredients are tossed in a mustard-spiked dressing on top of large, thin slices of garlicky grilled bread, and each person is served a piece of bread with its share of salad."
Lightly grill or toast the bread and rub one side of each slice with the cut clove of garlic.
Line a seving dish with the grilled bread and distribute the radicchio over the bread slices. Top with the Gruyere cheese shavings and sprinkle with chopped walnuts.
In a small bowl combine the olive oil, vinegar, mustard, and salt and pepper to taste. Beat with a fork until well blended.
Pour the dressing over the salad and carefully toss the salad on top of the bread, using it as a base. Correct the seasonings. Each person is served a piece of grilled bread topped with salad.
Source: "Verdura" by Viana La Place

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