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Brown Sugar Burgers

• 1 lb. very lean (97% lean or better) ground beef
˝ cup brown sugar (1/4 cup if less sweetness desired)
1 tablespoon honey or spicy honey mustard
maple or honey bbq sauce
sharp cheddar cheese
real hickory or maple cured bacon
hamburger buns

Mix brown sugar into beef with your hands, gently folding it to ensure complete mixture. Repeat with the mustard. I have found that trying to mix the sugar and the mustard at the same time creates clumps in the beef that inhibit complete mixture.
Once the mixture is complete, separate into four equal sized balls. Gently pat out the balls into large patties, being sure to keep the center of the burgers a little thinner than the outer edges. This will keep the burgers from shrinking when you cook them.
After the burgers are cooked (I prefer the open grill, but this will also work on a standard skillet or Foreman Grill), build them in the following manner for best flavor mixture:

1. Bottom bun
2. Burger
3. Cheese (you can put this on the burgers while they’re still on the grill if you want it a little melted)
4. Two strips of bacon (either in an ‘X’ or broken up and layed beside each other to cover the whole burger)
5. BBQ sauce
6. Other toppings as desired (tomato, lettuce (shredded works better), onions, etc.
7. Top bun

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