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Mini-Burgers and Fries

Vanilla wafers are burger "buns"
Chocolate covered peppermint patties are "burgers"
Tinted coconut is "lettuce"

Place half vanilla wafer, flat side up, on ungreased cookie sheet. Top with chocolate covered peppermint patty (York's are perfect). Heat in 350 degree oven, about 1 minute or until chocolate begins to soften.
In microwave oven on High, 15 seconds or less, slightly wet look. Top with another vanilla wafer, round side up. Press gently. Roll chocolate edges in tinted green coconut.
With fingers, use just enough water to moisten top of wafer so sesame or poppy seeds will stick. Sprinkle each "burger patty" with sesame or poppy seeds. Serve up a platter of "burgers" or wrap individually in small piece of waxed paper. Add an order of miniature fries, using canned French fried potato sticks.