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Basil Chicken Meatloaf


2 Pounds Of Lean Ground Skinless Chicken Breast
2 Teaspoons Of Dried Basil
1 Cup Of Cardini's Italian Gourmet Cut All Natural Croutons
2 Tablespoons Of Grey Poupon Mild And Creamy Dijon Mustard
2 Whole Fresh Eggs
1 Medium Sized Sliced Peeled Carrot
1 Tablespoon Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Small Diced Yellow Onion
1/4 Teaspoon Of Freshly Ground Black Pepper
3 Tablespoons Of Hunt's Tomato Paste
3 Large Minced Garlic Cloves
1 Teaspoon Of Kosher Salt
2 Sliced Scallions
1/2 Green Peeled Grated Granny Smith Apple
1/3 Cup Of Shelled Roasted Pistachios
3 Tablespoons Of Shady Maple Farm Maple Syrup


To start it out, you will first want to preheat your oven to roughly 350 degrees Fahrenheit, or 175 degrees Celsius. While your oven is heating, take out your favorite mixing bowl, and lets get started. Add into the bowl the lean ground skinless chicken, dried basil, Cardini's Italian gourmet croutons, Dijon mustard, two large beaten eggs, olive oil, diced yellow onion, ground pepper, minced garlic, kosher salt, and peeled apple. Now roll up those sleeves, wash your hands, and lets manually mash and mix the meatloaf. Really get in there and mix up those ingredients. Once everything is all well distributed, begin to form a firm oval chicken loaf, which should end up looking like a fire log. Now grease a baking pan which will fit your loaf, and drop in the chicken loaf. Bake it for about one full hour. Now while your meatloaf is cooking, you will want to take out a saucepan. Add to the saucepan the peeled carrots, a little drizzle of olive oil, the tomato paste, the sliced scallions, and maple syrup. Heat these ingredients over medium heat, until the sauce is simmering, and the veggies are soft and tender. Once your loaf has cooked for an hour, pour your sauce over it all, and sprinkle it with your pistachios. Slide it back into the oven for another 20 full minutes. Serve it hot, but do let it cool for at least 5 minutes before you try to slice it.

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