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Cranberry-Lemon Punch

Yield 1 Servings
1 1/2 qt water
1 c sugar
1 c strong tea
1 6oz.can lemonade,Frozen
1 concentrate,thawed
1 qt cranberry juice cocktail
2 c apple juice
1 c orange juice

Heat water and sugar to boiling, stirring constantly, until sugar is dissolved; cool. Prepare tea, using 2 teaspoons loose tea or 2 tea bags and 1 cup boiling water; cool. Refrigerate all ingredients. Just before serving, mix in large punch bowl.
To make ice ring,arrange thin citrus slices and cranberries in 6 cup ring mold. Pour water into mold to partially cover fruit. Freeze. When frozen,add water to fill mold 3/4 full. Freeze. Unmold and float fruit side up in punch bowl. Makes about 30 servings,
1/2 cup each.