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Dreamsicle Punch

Yield 1 Servings
1 cn orange juice,frozen
1 concentrate
1 cn light rum
2 scoops ice,Crushed
2 l a&w cream soda
1 T vanilla extract -- (the real
1 stuff)

Put the OJ Concentrate and 1 measure of alcohol (use the concentrate can for the measure) and vanilla in a big sealable container ( an old water jug works nicely.) Shake it up until it is well mixed. Then place this goop in the freezer until slushy. Once slushy, add a couple scoops of crushed ice and shake again until mixed. Slowly add the A&Ws. now stir or just turn the jug up and down a few times to mix. DO NOT SHAKE hard. It is now ready to serve. Keep covered so it doesn't lose carbonation.