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Angel Hair Pasta with Blackened Scallops

Baked Bay Scallops

Breaded Sea Scallops

Curried Sea Scallop

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Grilled Scallop Salad with Zucchini and Cherry Tomatoes

Honey Scallops with Couscous

Scallops in Garlic Sauce

Scallops in White Wine

Scallops with Italian Ham and Cheese

Parmesan Scallops

Scallops with Chipotle Tartar Sauce

Scallops with Chorizo

Scallops and Fettuccine

Scallops in Wine Sauce

Seafood Scampi with Vegetables

Seared Seasoned Sea Scallops

Sea Scallop Ceviche

Stir Fry Scallops in Plum Sauce

Asian Fried Scallops

Bacon Scallops

Bay Scallops with Penne

Bay Scallops with Spinach

Cream of Scallop Soup

Broiled Bay Scallops

Simple Baked Scallops

Baked Scallops Supreme

Baked Scallops a la Ritz

Baked Scallops with mushrooms

Baked Scallops in Cheese Sauce

Baked Stuffed Scallops

BBQ Scallops

Barley and Scallop Dinner

Bay Scallop Chowder

Bay Scallop Saute

Bay Scallop Stew

Italian Bay Scallops

Bay Scallops Provincal

Bay Scallops with Pesto

Beef and Scallop Saute


Brittany Scallops

Cajun Pan Fried Bay Scallops

Cape Cod Bay Scallops

Caribbean Scallops

Carmelized Sea Scallops in Truffle Sauce

Cheese and Egg Scallop

Cheesy Scallops and Pasta

Chicken and Scallops in Wine Sauce

Chili Scallops

Chinese Steamed Scallops

Citrus Scallops

Cognac Scallops with Lime Rice

Confetti Scallops and Noodles


Festive Scallops and Rice

Diver Scallops

Fast Scallops

Fish Stew

Flounder with Scallop Stuffing

French Scallops

Fried Squid and Scallops

Ginger Scallops

Healthy Scallops Penne Rigate

Heart Healthy Baked Scallops

Heart Healthy Scallops with Tortellini

Hearty Seafood and Potatoes

Herb Baked Scallops

Honey Mustard Scallops

Hot and Sour Scallop and Shrimp Soup

House Triple Seafood

Hunan Scallop Soup

Lemon Parsley Broiled Scallops

Maine Scallops

New Bedford Scallop Chowder

Nova Scotia Scallop Chowder

Orange Scallop Avocado Salad

Oriental Scallop Kabobs

Oriental Scallop Salad

Oven Baked Battered Scallops

Paprika Scallops

Party Scallops

Pistachio-Orange Crusted Scallops

Polynesian Scallops

Portuguese Scallops

Presidential Scallops

Prosciutto Wrapped Grilled Scallops

Saucy Scallops and Rice

Scallop and Ham Roll Ups

Scallop and Vegetable Stir Fry

Scallop Pie

Scallop Pizza

Scallop Puffs

Scallop Stuffed Peppers

Scallop Tarts

Scallop Creole

Scallop Lasagna

Scallop Quiche

Scallop Salsa

Scallop Victoria

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